Toyota To Enter LeMans Again?

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Toyota confirmed that it will pull the plug on F1.  They arrived in 2002 and although they did not have any podium wins, they did have a couple of seconds in the last four races.  Who remembers number two though?  With Honda already out, this leaves Japan with no strong ties to F1 but of course opens Toyota up for another famed sportscar event, LeMans.  They last competed there in 1999.  If they do decide to return, perhaps I’ll catch them in 2011.  Yes, I’m planning on going to LeMans in two years.  Yeah baby, yeah.

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  1. Orion

    Honda entered in the sixties after only having been producing cars for a number of years and the won. They also won constructor championships after pulling their team in the early eighties. This economy bites.

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