Restoration Wednesday – Rebuild Them Carbs

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Rebuilding carburetors does not take much. A little patience, some photos and good organization. I probably did these two yutes in 3-4 hours. But Paul.. why didn’t you do it when you got the car running in the first place? Well, that’s just it. It was running and it ran really well. It revved and sounded great but I wasn’t driving it under load. Turns out the car was stalling randomly at idle. See that needle, spring valve in the bottom of the bowl? Turns out it was clogged. But more importantly, when I did drive a couple months ago then left it idling in my driveway, I noticed the accelerator pump was dripping on the intake manifold. Not good. So off with their heads! Now I just have to wait for warmer weather to put them back on since the BMW rests in my driveway. The Jaguar has the garage… ewww but of course it does.

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