I’ve been restoring parts since 2008 through powder coating, cad plating, polishing, cleaning, rebuilding, testing or otherwise just giving the respect these individual jewels need to make a project whole. I typically sell the parts to fund my car projects. These photos represent some highlights of my work as taken on with terrific suppliers in the Detroit area.

– Solex carburetors – full tear down and rebuild with cad plated hardware
– Gauges – pull chrome or black rings, clean and/or lubricate mechanisms, repair odometers, clean glass, repaint rings and/or needle
– Disassemble, ultrasonic clean parts, polish with brass wheel
– Reupholster


Porsche 914 headlight assemblies
Restored Porsche 914 headlight assembly mounting brackets with cad plated hardware on powder coated black, orange or light gray.


Fuch center caps with orange bar emblems.
Fuch center caps with real orange bar emblems. They came to me painted silver which was hand scraped with my thumbnail before minor use of solvents.


Solex carburetors
Solex solid and split shaft rebuilds for Porsche 912s.
Porsche 914 intake manifolds
Porsche 914 1.7 liter intake manifolds powder coated silver.
Porsche speedometer
Restored 150 mph speedometer.
Porsche 912 fuel pump
Rebuilt Porsche 912 fuel pump.
Solex carburetor parts.
Polished Solex carburetor parts.
Porsche 912 oil breather
Porsche 912 oil breather in orange for pop of color.
Porsche 911 Bilstein jack
Porsche 911 Bilstein jack. Cad plated mechanism, pop of orange color instead of blue.
Mann air cleaner
Mann air cleaner assembly for 911.
Porsche 914 radio
Porsche 914 dash with no cracks and original stereo.
Porsche 914 seats
Porsche 914 seats in found 70’s vintage fabric with french stitching.


Porsche 912 air clearer assemblies
Porsche 912 air cleaner assemblies powder coated with cad plated hardware.
Porsche 912 steering wheel
Porsche 912 steering wheel powder coated horn ring, new leather horn button re-chromed ring.
Porsche 912 rocker assembly
Porsche 912 rocker assembly cleaned and polished.
Porsche 912 tachometer
Restored Porsche 912 tachometer.
Close up Porsche 912 tachometer
Close up detail of restored tach.
Porsche 912 cylinder head
Porsche 912 cylinder head media blasted.
Porsche 912 camshaft gear
Porsche 912 camshaft gear.
Porsche 912
Porsche 912
Porsche 912 engine mounting bracket
Late model Porsche 912 engine mounting bracket.
Porsche 912 fan
Porsche 912 fan.
Porsche 928 rims
Porsche 928 rims powder coated in satin white.

Porsche 928 rims

Porsche 912 intake manifolds
Porsche 912 intake manifolds.
Porsche 912 generator stand
Porsche 912 generator stand.
Porsche 912 oil cooler
Porsche 912 oil cooler cad plated.
Porsche 912 or late 356 heater boxes
Porsche 912 or late 356 heater boxes, repaired and powder coated.
Porsche 911 air cleaner
Porsche 911 air cleaner intake powder coated.
Porsche 912 fuse block
Porsche 912 fuse block.
Porsche shift knob.
Porsche shift knob rubbed out. Yup, I rubbed out my knob.
Porsche 912 valve covers
Porsche 912 valve covers cad plated.
Porsche oil filter canister
Porsche 912 or 356 oil filter canister. Powder coated with correct new Fram sticker and cad plated bolt.
Porsche 911 headlight switch
Porsche 911 headlight switch polished out.

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