A deft dose of affordable classic car opportunities plus posts of my particular persistent projects.
Founded 2009   

Paul “Groosh” Grusche

Born outside Detroit, Michigan founder Groosh (nickname since high school, short for Grew-Shay) has a storied history in automotive with new found love for American iron. Starting with a job Automobile magazine over 20 years ago, a passion for cars grew to become a career. He proceeded to work for Jeep and Chrysler advertising, helped to launch Kia Motors at the California headquarters, oversaw Honda and Acura interactive networks plus helped develop the in-house CGI car modeling arm for eVox Productions.

Current automotive events inspired this blog as an extension of Motor Car Market magazine founded in 2006. But running a small Porsche parts business, restoring cars and bikes has changed its focus. To compliment his work, Paul writes about parts and projects he searches for in the market and would ultimately put in his garage if it fit more, he had more money, and his wife would approve. Restoration Wednesday’s is a weekly update of his current project.

Hopefully these posts will inspire, maybe help you find something unique or at the very least entertain. Keep in mind, he doesn’t own them all.  He just writes about cars in the market with links to where they are offered.  You can follow his own projects, buy restored parts or check his personal website Groosh.com showcasing automotive photography, paintings and other work.



Paul accepts donated cars that need new homes but let’s talk before you drop it off in his driveway. He is always looking, what do you have to sell?

Care to write him? Give him tips on cars coming to market? Tell him to stop writing in the 3rd person?


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