Restoration Wednesday – BMW Carbs Rebuilt and Running, Car Sold

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Does it come to anybody’s surprise that I’m still working on cars despite not writing for a couple years? I’ve also been buying and selling. More selling than buying because cars are big, tough to store and deserve to be with the ones they love, or that love them. Take for example the Bavaria. I loved it but lately my time has been soaked up by other projects and I want things in close to running condition. It was clear I wasn’t going to take it to the next level and so I put it up for sale. Twice. The first time I asked too much and only got a couple of bites. The 2nd time I put it up for a more reasonable $3,500 and it sold within a week in October. The gent that bought it plans to do a full restoration but I worry they may find the rust too much for them and punt it. Let me know if you see it come up for sale again. If not, we know he’s committed to it which I certainly was for a few years.
Here’s a post that I originally wrote January 18, 2022
The pandemic and “Life Below Zero” (that show about living in Alaska on Nat Geo) preach the sermon. If you spend all day inside, you’re going to go insane or die. We can probably all relate to the former. Being cooped up for days or weeks leads to cabin fever. You just got to get out before your brain snaps. Spend weeks indoors in Alaska and you missed fishing or hunting followed by cold winters because you didn’t chop wood. End result? You hungry, dead, or your brain snaps.

When working on my Jaguar XJ-S and the BMW over the last few months in the driveway, it was cold. It’s winter in Michigan and typically below freezing. On Sunday, I wanted to install the rebuilt Webers and finally take the E3 for a proper drive on the dirt roads. It was 25 degrees out but sunny so I just went at it. All the time thinking that if my snowmobile were broken down in Alaska or I needed firewood, I’d have no choice but to work in the elements. But Paul, I can see the heater in the picture! Yeah, I tried to cast some heat rays on the engine but failed to get the angle right. Plus the wind made short work of any warmth coming from that thing.

Once the carbs were back on, it fired right up. It took a couple minutes to warm up and hold idle. I don’t think the auto chokes are working right. Regardless, it runs really well despite not dropping to an 800 rpm idle without the flick of the throttle. So, I took it around the block bald old tires and all. It does what it’s suppose to do but I’ll be damn if the clutch master cylinder wasn’t leaking on my foot. I had that thing resleeved and rebuilt because they don’t make the exact replacement anymore. I have no idea why it’s leaking but you may have guessed it. My brain snapped.

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