Restoration Wednesday – Not Really

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Brake pad replacement does not qualify as restoration work but I wanted to write about it anyway. I decided to buy Brembo rear pads for my 2001 Audi S8 with 266,678 miles. I spent about twice the amount of cheap pads but only $10 bucks more than the equivalent ceramic. I purchased them directly off of Brembo’s website as I’m trying to use the manufacture site whenever I buy something. Call it supporting the little man. Brembo is hardly little but nonetheless.

Was it work the extra cost? If packaging tells us anything, then yes. I loved opening up the box and seeing the wrapped pads. I mean, look at that rubber band. Stout. And the wrap was almost fabric-like with Brembo stamped all over it. I’m going to reuse it for Xmas packages. Please, it’s in the trash. But holding everything in my hands felt good. It made me happy about the pads and set me up for feeling good about the job on an otherwise cold, windy Michigan day in my driveway.


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