Merry Christmas!

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I’m a little late this year on the Christmas card post. But once again, we took one of my favorite cars to the sustainable tree farm, swaddled pine needles with two strings onto the roof and hoped for the best as we drove 45 mph with cross winds home. Only had to stop once for readjustment. Every year, I love picking a a car you wouldn’t expect to see in the fields of Dexter, Michigan or with a tree on top of it. Then every year, I’m reminded everyone on Instagram had the same idea. It doesn’t make it less special for our family. Well really me. My family doesn’t really admit to caring what car we take. Maybe secretly they do but I clearly wear my car-heart on my sleeve during this time. Funny, you said car-heart like Carhartt, heh heh.

This year was a little different. It was the first year that we couldn’t take our old girl, Abby the labby. If you recall, she passed away in April. This year also marked the coming of age for two children. They took turns with the hand saw and basically got it down. Look, it’s no “Life Below Zero” episode but it’s something. I’m just happy they enjoy the outing and want to participate. My daughter even pulled the wagon a half mile through mud tracks and bumpy terrain back to the loading area. My son helped carry the tree inside, set it up then cut the wrapping twine off of it. He even put the lights up. It’s certainly the little things that can make for a special Christmas. Hope yours had some of the same.

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