Project Triumph Trophy Trail TR5T

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So I bought this bike about 5 minutes after buying the ’73 Honda CB450.  I had already looked at it twice before, but at first didn’t think I wanted to take it on.  But how could I pass on a Triumph?  Clearly there was little to no difference between mine and the one below. 

Let’s see:
– Headlight not attached for unknown reasons
– One gauge not attached
– Chrome fender up front replaced with plastic
– Chrome in meh condition, most of it pealing off the rims
– Tires dry rotted
– Seat says Honda on it
– Carburetor falling off and clearly broken
– Doesn’t run but only 7,029 miles

– Dah, it’s a Triumph
– This article in Motorcycle Classics just came out and didn’t throw it under the bus completely
– It fits in the garage and was two miles from my house

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