1969 Norton Commando

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UPDATE: On December 15, 2010 this sold for $2,500

“Attention Norton collectors and restorers. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy a complete early Norton with a huge collection of additional parts. While rough, this motorcycle in the hands of the right individual is a treasure. What I believe to be a 1969 Norton Roadster pulled from a dry basement on eastern Long Island, is now being offered to the world when parts collections like this are just not seen anymore…”

Things that people say to sell their stuff that bugs me:
– Fantastic opportunity – then why are you selling?
– My loss is your gain – I know I’ve brought this up before. It wouldn’t be your loss if you kept it. You’re selling it, so suck it up and accept it.
– Rare, rare, rare – No, no no.  It’s rare to see fat kids that don’t eat Twinkies and Ho Ho’s. Tell me how many were built and when, not how “rare” it is.

Find it here on eBay in New York state.

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