More Money Equals Less Car Shopping

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1967 Porsche 912   need gone  4300 OBO


It may seem counter intuitive but as I pocket a little more change from part sales, I shop less for cars. You may have noticed my daily posts are slipping to weekly. Losing the passion you say? Hardly. Still waiting for the 928S4 brakes to come back from a rebuild so you can finally fix that car, get your garage space back to work on other projects and potentially write longer run on sentences that have me thinking Restoration Wednesday columns need their own restoration? Actually no. The brakes arrived yesterday.  Yes sir.

I shop less for cars so I don’t feel like I’m missing opportunity. Which translates into eight tracking tabs open to Craigslist. Take a look at this desktop screen grab. Can you really ever turn it off? I can’t help myself but to look and try not to buy. I’ve got too many projects to get up and running and no garage space for another one. Says the guy that will probably buy another project tomorrow. But I digress. I need to use my budget wisely. There isn’t much of it. So after the 928S4 is off of jack stands, I’ll move in a 914 that is getting a 2.0 liter engine swap. That’s the motor I pulled from the ’74 rust bucket 914 two years ago I believe. In the meantime, less car shopping. There will always be another buy opportunity.

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  1. Ern

    Are we calling this a “car” or is it better described as “parts” or a “shell”? When does it cross the line into “car”?

    • Groosh

      Funny. I never really considered the car in the picture. I’ve bought too many non running projects to even want to consider this shell. I called on it though. No motor and no wheels. The guy sold it on eBay to someone in Florida. At least the chipmunk villages I’ve trailered home rolled.

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