1959 VW Truck Volkswagen Vanagon Single Cab Custom Hot Rod Rat Bus – $17900 (Toledo, Ohio)

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If I could take some rat out of the rod, I’d be a player. The overall design, style and colors are cool. Love the roof rack, 7 UP cooler, chrome and wood side walls. But they lose me with the spider web up front and the painted diamond plating down the sides. The sunburst interior paint I don’t mind so much, a nod to Les Paul perhaps, but I would put back an original steering wheel and hope the outside sun visor doesn’t catch a cold. Will it really hold on after a powerful cross sneeze of a breeze?

Find it for sale on Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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  1. Fred Cousins

    Without mention of displacement or HP output of the engine, the visor and roof rack could slow this down to a swift walk. The visor is almost big enough to fold down over the front glass in case of zombie attack.

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