2000 Porsche 911 C4 Millennium #019 of 911 – 24,500 Miles – $28500 (Perrysburg)

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Sounds like a future Sloan car.

Find it for sale on Toledo Craigslist.

“Whether you’re looking for a like-new Porsche 911 for Sunday drives to car shows, or for your rare, low-mileage car collection, this 911 offers a unique opportunity. To commemorate the new millennium, Porsche made 911 Millennium Edition cars in 2000, and shipped only 250 of them to the US. This example is #019 of 911 and is in extraordinary condition.

In addition to the standard 911 Millennium equipment like full natural leather interior (dash, console, etc.), dark burr maple interior treatment, six-speed manual, Violet Chromaflair paint that subtly changes color as you walk around the car, all wheel drive, and unique 911 badging, it’s also equipped with an IMS Guardian, new tires, and fresh Mobil 1 oil.

The Millennium came original with smoky chrome 18″ Turbo Twist wheels. Every one of these factory wheels has failing chrome plating, so it’s very common to replace them with painted 18″ Turbo Twists like you see on this car. I have the original wheels and am willing to offer those with the car for the buyer who pays full asking price.

I also have the original Millennium sales brochure as well as a large display for car shows. Also included is a battery tender installed on the car for winter storage. When you see the condition of this car, you’ll know it has never seen snow or the elements. It’s pampered, and every aspect reflects that. In fact, this car was invited to be displayed as the only Millennium at last summer’s Rennsport Porsche Reunion in Monterrey, California. A family scheduling conflict prevented me from showing the car.”

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