1990 VW/Puma AM-4 – $10000 (Plymouth)

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Thanks to reader John for this rarely seen car on Craigslist, local to me in Plymouth, Michigan about 25 minutes away. It has only 1,962 miles but a rebuilt motor which is odd for no miles and some right bumper damage.

On first blush it strikes me as a Jensen Healey which don’t bowl me over in design grace. But I do like the overall package wrapped around a rear engine platform. The VW motor makes it seem kit car cheap but I shouldn’t nit pick because they are easily repaired, modified and cheap to run. Heck it worked for Porsche. Plus the interior looks pretty darn nice in blue with sport seats. I might be a buyer at half the price just to be unique and open up the back at Cars and Coffee.

Doing some searches on the ol’ Goog lead me to the less chunky looking blue coupe version pictured below and would be my first choice over a drop top. But then. Dang. The yellow Puma GTE coupe from 1970 is proper. The lines are pure Italian and while it is hard to say if the proportions are right, it certainly doesn’t look like VW kit cars from the same era which are always a little off.



Puma_gte_1970_mod1 adolpho

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