Crack Berry Files Star Date Saturday, June 6th

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From the Crack Berry files star date Saturday, June 6th:

I’m traveling on a plane back home to Detroit while writing this on my crack berry. The battery on my laptop lasts about four minutes, so I’m relegated to the pint size keyboard that is ruled by a generation of thumb munchers who average 2,200 texts/month, that’s 80/day (my wife was reading The Week next to me). Those crazy teenagers. I definitely do not consider myself one of them with my 400 text/month plan which I’ve never burned through. But I can turn a mean thumb war post haste if you want to try me. Do you? Do you?

What this trip has to do with cars might not seem obvious, other than going to the Motor City, but here is where I go parent on you. Two kids, one two years old, the other three months riding in a car, on a bus and in a plane. The entire experience is like finals week. You may take one test, feel pretty good about it and maybe even ace it. But the next one could go to hell-in-a-hand-basket, whatever that mean, completely inconsequential to the one after. You prepare for the worse and expect it, otherwise disappointment looms.

I’m happy to report the new Northworst, Delta, hooked us up. The people were surprisingly friendly and as we boarded the stewardess, unsolicited, said let me see if I can do something for you. We had bought three seats so we could have a full row, we ended up with six seats, the entire span from window to window. All told, the trip was smooth. Stay tuned for “crack berry files star date June 13th, the return.”

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