’08 or ’09 Miata?

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My wife and I are talking about trading in her CX-7 and getting a Miata. I happen to like 3rd generation Miata. It’s most reminiscent of the first gen which I fell in love with while at Automobile Magazine. We got a blue one and a red one when they first came to press fleets in 1989. I owned a 1993 LE black over red leather, one of 1,500 made, so the 3rd generation is the purest look to that one almost 20 years ago. Aaron Robinson, from Car and Driver, writes the review for the 4th generation and swears by its upgrades. Since he and I worked together at Automobile when the little blue one came our way, I value his opinion on the matter. Plus he knows his stuff.

Anybody have thoughts?

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  1. Brian the Red

    When the 3rd generation first came out I really didn’t like the looks, but in the intervening 4 years it has grown on me. I think it is going to take another 4 years before I appreciate the big goofy grin of the 2010 model. Although I talk of getting a new Miata in 2010, I may be holding on to my 2003LS.

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of… it will grow on me. Kinda like the Bangled years of the 5 series but NOT the 7 series. Ick, that trunk on the 7, pah-lease.

  3. Ern the man Moran

    The 3rd gen is a better looking car, but if Aaron says the upgrades are worth it, go fourth gen. The only view of the car you will have to worry about is from the driver’s seat.

    And are you sure the wife is actually involved in the conversation about trading in the CX-7, or is that just wishfull thinking on your part?

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