BBS E78 3 Piece 15×9 15×9.75 Porsche 5×130 RS E50 E52

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So phat, so gold and so tail waging ’79 Turbo.  At this price, pulling the trigger and putting them on display in the kitchen might be a possibility.

After emailing with the guy, they could be set up for stock Porsche 911s but would require new shells.  Love this classic look.

Find them here on eBay for Buy it Now of $1,500.

“Rare, Super Light Weight Vintage Porsche Race Wheels used on D-Production Porsche 924 Race Car”

  1. Xtra Credit

    These would look great on a classic rallye car or just about anything that has the room under the fenders. They seem pretty adaptable too and for $1500…

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