1975 Triumph Trident

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SOLD: on January 14, 2011 this sold on eBay for $2,425.

Trident always has me thinking of gum.  Delicious sugar free gum, spearmint flavor, in that new packaging that opens and closes like a box of cereal.  It’s kinda fun to offer a slice to your buddy and then tuck that pack away in your pocket, isn’t it?   The new pack doesn’t get all smooshie like it used to either. 

But holy schmoly has the trident fork been used through the years.  Most obvious to us gear heads is Maserati.  But check out the others thanks to Wikipedia… and this barn find with 5,774 miles that started this thought spluge .  Find it here on eBay with no reserve or more details below with “read more”.

• The traditional weapon of the Hindu god Shiva.
• The national emblem on the flag of Barbados.
• The “forks of the people’s anger”, adopted by the Russian anti-Soviet revolutionary organization, National Alliance of Russian Solidarists (NTS).
• The symbol of the Swedish Coastal Rangers, Kustjägarna.
• The coat of arms of Ukraine (Tryzub) – the symbol of ancient Slavic tribes that once lived in Ukraine.
• Britannia, the personification of Great Britain (since before the Victorian era), depicted wielding a trident, symbolising Britain’s naval power. It also is Poseidon’s main weapon.
• The US Navy Special Warfare insignia, worn by members of the US Navy SEALs, and containing a trident representing the three aspects (Sea, Air, and Land) of SEAL special operations.
• Part of the golden-colored crest of the United States Naval Academy, which depicts a trident running vertically in its background.
• The symbol for Washington and Lee University.
• The symbol (since June 2008) for the athletic teams (Tritons) at the University of Missouri–St. Louis.
• An element on the flag of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
• The glyph or sigil of the planet Neptune in astronomy and astrology.

“This is a Triumph Trident in need of restoration. The engine turns over, but I have not tried to start it. The gas tank is missing. Odometer reads 5774. No title. Will provide a Notorized Bill of Sale. No reserve!”

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