Reverse Trike Project – $500 (Midwest City)

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Hmmm… I think I’d get tired of Dukes of Hazarding that thing after many explanations leaving the local A&W.  

“For sale is a Reverse Trike Project
Contact me evenings or weekend 4l2 l563
The engine and rear suspension is from a Honda GL500 motorcycle.
This engine has a mechanically driven fan for cooling the radiator,
which will help avoid overheating problems that many trikes have.
This engine shares many parts with the CX500 and the GL650.
The trike has a Volkswagon Beetle front suspension.
Included in the sale, but not shown in the pictures is a new racing style seat,
a new fuel tank, carbs and some electrical components..
The brake master cylinder and brake pedal are mounted and hydraulic lines run to the two front wheels.
There is a mechanical linkage from the rear brake to an emergency brake lever.
The drive shaft is partially installed/extended from the engine to the rear wheel.” 

Find it here in Oklahoma on Craigslist for a fair price of $500.

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