2009 Spyker LM85

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Should I be surprised that the Spyker has lost 40% of its value in three years when a car like the Ford GT has barely lost 10%, if that?  This is one of 24 made while there were four thousand GTs built.  I guess collectors don’t gravitate towards cars that Victor Muller built with smoke and mirrors management at the expense of any profit.  I’d still buy one.  I think the attention to detail is where a car like this needs to be.  The interior reminds me of Bugatti’s or Rolls Royce’s from the ’20s with jewel like gauges and switches on a proper metal dash.

On eBay in Valencia, California for $175,000 Buy it Now, no reserve bidding starts $5K lower.

“2009 SPYKER LM85.  VERY limited production – just 24 made in the entire world.  This is No. 6 of 24.  VERY low miles – just over 500 miles.  Car cost nearly $300,000 new.  This car is in perfect 100% awesome shape with absolutely no issues.  Clean and beautiful.  I have owned just about every car out there including Ferrari Enzo, Maserati MC12, Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes McLaren SLR, numerous Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Alfa Romeos, Porsche, Bugatti, etc., etc., and this car gets more looks than all of them.  It’s just such a unique car – very special build, amazing interior with beautiful machined aluminum, stainless; and beautiful leather and alcantara every where.  No expense spared.  It’s a throwback car in many ways with the gauges and switches; however, extremely modern in many ways with the power, brakes, and handling to keep up with most any exotics out there.  Really an amazing car.”  

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