1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

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Oh wait, I like this one better than the one I just posted below.  Love the color, the original straight six motor and the Toyota telescoping side mirrors.  Even though this motor is the 1F vs. the 2F which came out in ’75 and had a bit more power.

These things are not known for the highway cruising abilities which is why people did the Chevy V8 swap.  But with olive-brown-green-mustard jewel like this, who needs to go fast down the highway. 

On eBay in Tennessee for $15,000 Buy it Now or make offer. 

“This is a 1974 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40.  I purchased it over one year ago and refurbished most of it.  It has the original Toyota 6 cylinder motor.  Below is a listing of all newly installed parts:

    front signal lights, tailights, front and rear marker lights
    Rhino lined interior and top
    upholostered jump seats
    tires, tie rods, shocks, steering stabilizer, and steering coupler
    disc brakes and calipers on the front only
    brake lines
    wiring harness, bulletproof OEM style fuse box
    battery and cables, new starter and alternator
    window channel, weather stripping, door jam edge guard
    door handles with locks, door regulators, and strikers
    front fenders and quarter panels
    gas tank and radiator
    antenna and Toyota telescoping mirrors
    hood latches, window hooks and pads
    brake pressure switch, oil pressure sending unit, water sending unit
    speed odometer cable
    Hell For Stout winch channel
    fender flares

The pictures above show the vehicle without doors and back hatch but they are currently on the Toyota and look great. The speedometer does not work and there is no parking break.  The mileage is approximate–we do not know the actual.  There is also no radio or rear heater.  The front heater and blower work great.  It’s a fun ride.  We love driving it—it’s a great around the town, off-road vehicle.”

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