1987 Eagle Motor Coach Model 15

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Otherwise known as a:
• Bus
• Portable storage unit
• Home
• Rodent city
• A pain in the ass to park
• Afraid to fly compensation machine
• A good place for a keg on a long trip
• A bad place without a bathroom on a long trip with a keg
• Grateful Dead fantasy cruiser
This one actually runs but needs a bit of everything.  
On eBay for the get rid of it price of $5,000 in Pharr, Texas.

  1. Tarya Davis

    im looking for a bus in really good price range in i think i found one but dont know anything about eagles its also a 1987 model 15 did u own the bus in its working conditions, if so how would you grade the bus? e-mail taryad@bellsouth.net , thank you.

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