2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S – Needs Engine

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“Here we have my 2006 Basalt Black 911 997 Carrera S coupe. Do you have an extra 3.8 liter Carrera S motor laying around?

The car is very clean overall but has no engine.

The original 6 speed 97.1 transmission works fine and is included.

I purchased this car from a guy that was planning on putting it on the track and had begun dismantling it and selling parts but then cancelled the project midstream.

I bought with the intention to complete the car for myself but I just do not have the time.

The previous owner sold the engine with exhaust, front trunk carpet section, headlight switch, passengers window switch, climate control unit, cd changer, dash trim pieces, console side covers, 2 control relays from under the drivers seat and 1 rear seat bottom cushion.

There are no cut wires or anything. All interior and exterior electrical systems (power windows/power locks/seats/mirrors/headlights/tail lights/radio/Engine control module etc.) work just fine…”

Reader Tyler forwarded this to me.  He thought I might have a spare 3.8 engine laying around the basement.  Wish I did, nice car.  I’ve got a lot a Porsche “crap” in the basement, a term I use incredibly begrudgingly for the security blanket of parts stacked to the ceiling, but a 3.8 motor ain’t one of them.  

On eBay in Springfield, Vermont for $18,500 Buy it Now.

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