1966 Porsche 912 – $23500 (Lansing, MI)

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UPDATE June 3, 2013:  Who has two thumbs and thinks his car is worth way more than it is?  That guy.  Who thinks asses of Playboy bunnies sitting in the car increased the value?  That guy.  Who isn’t living up to the reality that a $50K restoration will yield a $30,000 912?  Yup. 

My buddy (a Porsche collector driving up five hours from Ohio) looked at the car today and was sorry he wasted his time.  Rocker panels, driver side torsion tube, floors all had through rust.  The motor was a glob of oil and in need of a rebuild. The 12 year old repaint showed poor sanding on filler/skim coat, not orange peel but actual texture from crappy prep.  The override bumper bar is attached with only one screw per side and has been pivoting into the trunk.  The seats have no cushion for the pushin’, clearly worn out from the Playboy bunnies.  The list goes on.

Pretty in pictures is no match for reality waiting.  

ORIGINAL POST: March 24, 2013
I have a 1966 Porsche 912 I am selling. I have kept this car for over 30 years. It has always been well maintained and garaged. It is one of very few made with a black exterior. The interior is red and black and it has 110,000 miles.”

He’s asking all the money on this one.  But true mileage, black and red with one owner for 30 years.  I think he’ll get pretty close.

On Northern Michigan Craigslist.

  1. Don

    Seller is persistent at least. He should quit for awhile and hope everyone forgets they saw its sad parade of re-posts.

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