Restoration Wednesday

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Had a bit of a Craigslist find last week.  A heapin’ bunch of what I thought were just ’75 and ’79 911 body parts.  But it turns out the guy had some ’65 911 stuff mixed in like window rails with the quarter window.  Quarter windows are something I miss moving from my ’66 912 to this ’71 so I decided to polish out the rails and put them in.  With a little metal manipulation, they fit no prob bob.  

I also went around and replaced all the brake lines with braided ones.  Unfortunately, bleeding the brakes revealed a leak on the driver front line.  Despite two of us cinching the pojenga out of it, it still leaked.  I placed the old line back on there and no leak.  Huh, faulty machining on the new brake line?  Blame China?  You f—in’ better believe I am.  I also blame them for not hitting the right tolerances on the nut.  Too tight for a 17mm but too loose for the 18mm.  What the crappy crap?  The line are “Precise Line” from Pelican Parts, dot certified.  They are sending me new ones under warranty but I’ll still find a way to post my bitch online.  Oh, guess I just did that.  I mean post to the forums or on product feedback or something.

Final bit of work was adjusting the valves.  After spending a couple hours dinkering on Friday night until 10PM, I realized the pulley on the car is for a 912.  Degree marks are every 90, not every 120.  With the help of my friend Roy, we got the valves done last yesterday using the ol’ socket extension in the spark hole trick.  That’s what she said.  

…Yes, leather 911 seats on top of the car came with the Craigslist purchase.  Needed to move them inside before the rain.

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