1997 acura NSX – $43200 (Romeo)

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Kevin, I’m just sayin’.
On Detroit Craigslist.

“I have a perfect 1997 NSx. I have owned this car many years and it’s a pampered beauty.1997 was the year that the t top and higher horsepower were introduced. Rare Kaiser silver/black interior.100%original. 53000 miles. Last year new timing chain and ac compressor….ice cold air.Tires and brakes last year. 6 speed …Dealer maintained.therse are handmade and bulletproof.After owning it 12 years I’d like a Porsche 911 for something different. Also 24 miles to the gallon…43200$ not a lot of wiggle room on this rare beautiful car.”

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  1. Groosh

    If your wife is anything like mine, and I’m pretty sure she is, she’ll tell you a car seat “doesn’t work” in the front.

  2. Kevin

    True….and my wife is a car seat safety expert, so I’m sure it wouldn’t pass the test. Oh well…I will just strap em in and take my chances. Airbags?

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