1966 Porsche 912 – No Reserve

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Wish I were this guy’s neighbor.

In San Diego on eBay without reserve and bidding at $1000.

“the car is complete the only parts that have been replaced with non original parts are the two front seats and the steering wheel that I know of, and the rims are knock-offs .  I don’t know a lot about the car I bought it about 12 years ago drove it for a little bit and its been parked ever since.  The floor pans are rotten on both sides and there is some rust on the rear at the bottom of the window on both sides.  I tried to get a pic of the real rust problem spots  the rest is just surface rust which should sand or media blast off nicely. It will start and drive but there is a transmission problem.  First and second gear are fine but it will not always shift into third or fourth I just get first or second again.  I am told this is a bushing on the linkage and a easy fix. Until that happened it was a fun car to drive.  I was told that the engine was rebuilt by the person I bought if from I don’t have any paperwork on that but he was a friend and a mechanic so I had no reason to doubt him.  Again I want to restate that the interior is basically all there as are all the lights and lenses.  its time to get it out of the yard and get it to someone who will take the time that I don’t have to restore it properly.  if you have questions please email me with a # and I will call you and answer any questions that I can.  I will try and get some more pictures of it once I get it into the driveway tomorrow.  if you want more pictures I will also email them to you. 

also has original service booklet with it. I also found a small piece of metal with some numbers on it not sure where it came from but was in the glove box with the booklet.”

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