Restoration Wednesday – It’s Back!

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It may not look like much but I’m stuck.  I figured it was time to yank the trailer out of the side yard, get a car out of storage, start spritzing then selling – even though it is still 25 degrees.  But what better time to do it than when the ground is frozen and I’m not tearing up the lawn?  Said my wife in my head.

Surprisingly, the snow was not only hard enough to hold up my plump rump roast but solid enough to hold up a truck.  Yeah, I should have put the trailer in storage before snow but never made it after dropping off the S4, so I “hid” it in the yard before Christmas company.  Who knew we’d have more dandruff on the grass – head and shoulders above the rest.  As such, I approached this tow-out systematically.  I went forward and backward on trajectory to get the ball close enough to the hitch.  Each path on maneuver to free Wiley thinking I was creating a two track to pull it out.  Little did I know I was digging the wheels deeper and deeper while the mid-drift found the belly of the beast.

I broke ground with the shovel for 30 minutes, rocked the truck the best I could then went forward, reverse.  Forward, reverse.  It was in four wheel low with the central diff lock on.  Is the diff suppose to make some noise?  Yo yo  diff make some nnnnoooooooiiisseeee boy.   Well it did.  It worked but sounded very electric from inside the cabin as it was engaged.  I’ve never used it before but use the 4×4 regularly.  Whatever, it seemed to work.The truck was finally free.

I chopped up all the snow leading to the trailer but missed the hook up by that much – about one foot.  So I chained the trailer to the truck and gave it a good yank.  About five times.  It didn’t budge.  The trailer is iced into place.  See the last picture?  That would be the trailer waiting for it to warm up.  One day soon I’ll not only use it to go pick up a car but ruin the lawn when I do it.

Digging ditches with 4 wheel drive.
Trailer still there.

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  1. Mike G

    As the guy on the other end of the phone when you discovered the issue, I applaud your calm demeanor… A lessor man, such as myself, would have used a few F-Bombs, and broken the shovel while beating the tire to death. Then my wife would have gotten the truck out of the snow…. cheers.

  2. Groosh

    Mike, you are too funny. Please see my f-bomb on your other comment regarding the Land Cruiser with the lift.

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