1991 BMW M5 for Sale on eBay

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Look, I’ll be the first to admit I am a hypocrite.  I go on and on about eBay and then put my car up for sale there.  Why?  Because I want it sold and money is no object.  Really, I mean there is no money in this object.  I’ve tried to sell the car through forums, Autotrader and the BMW Car Club.  Nobody is biting so I put it up for auction with a “Buy it Now” of $8900.  I’m getting a lot of action on it and hopefully it will cross the reserve which is less than $8K.  I might even lower it further since mentally I’ve committed to selling it.

The good news is that one guy came to check it out and followed up with a positive post on the forums.  He was the first guy I’ve ever met in person since I’ve had the car for sale.  This lets you know how crappy the market is that nobody will even come for a test drive.  I’m hoping he pulls the trigger but will be happy with any closed sale.  Wish me luck and pass this eBay link around!

BMW M5 on eBay right now.

  1. Earned911

    Folks, I’ve seen this car… really nice. And how often do you find a 5 speed in a sedan now-a-days. For under $9K this makes a great daily driver for you, the wife, or college kids.
    COME ON! BUY IT! I’m trying to get Paul to rebuild the engine in his 912, so he needs the money and room…

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