BMW M5 Sold on eBay

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I took the car to Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning to show it to the guy who looked at it on Monday.  He was still on the fence because he had been comparing it to his E36 M3.  Two different cars.  After a fast motoring on the freeway, he was sold.  It didn’t hurt either that when we returned to the parking lot at C&C, people were oogling over my car.  It seriously couldn’t have gone better if I hired people to come lick their chops while stroking me and the car.

The original wheels, rare silver color and clean well-maintained look were winners.  One of this guy’s good friends really liked the car as well.  So, why didn’t he buy it?  Well actually he did, kinda.  He was telling me he had about half the money but was reviewing finances with his wife regarding the other half.  We parted ways that morning but he called me with his wife in the car about an hour later.  The eBay auction was ending in about an hour.

“Paul, if your car doesn’t cross the reserve, I’ll buy it for the reserve.” 

About five minutes later, someone from New York hit the Buy it Now and $8,900 dollars later the car was sold.  I called back a disappointed almost-new owner to let him know the news… probably for the best.  While I hate to lose the car to a winter state, it’s also hard to turn it over to someone who is stretching a budget to pay for it.  I’ve been there with other cars and it’s never fun to get a new car and then not have extra money to do touch ups, new stereos, wheels, what have you.  God forbid something cosmic breaks.   

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  1. EMPM, Es

    … and so ends an era. I don’t know what the era was, but it has ended.

  2. Earned911

    Congrats Paul, and to the new owner – it will be a great purchase…

    Now, lets talk 912 engine rebuild, before the money burns a hole in your pocket…

  3. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Yeah, I don’t know what era either because I’ll have to have another BMW and probably another M5 in my life time.

    As far as burning a hole. Too late! No, not really. I’m still considering options but will need a good economical family hauler.

  4. EMPM, Esq

    Hopefully when you are ready to buy another one you can find one as nice as that E28 M5 we saw at C&C. As a daily driver, I’d want a new one. As a 2nd through 100th car, I’d want that E28.

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