1988 Yugo GV

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I’m fascinated that one, people are already bidding on this Yugo after less than two hours on the blocks.  And two, that the spare tire is under the hood with the engine.  I’ve never really studied these cars other than to note they are square and fall apart.  But now looking at the engine bay, I see the motor is about as big as the battery and apparently used to counter balance it.  Helps put a lot more in perspective for me.

On eBay in San Francisco with a reserve.

“This 1988 Yugo GV runs well. The body is in solid condition and has been garage for the last few years. I’ve owned it for the last few years, during which time I have replaced all the tires (including the spare), the fuel pump, timing belt, and have had other maintenance performed. The top of the dashboard has a large crack, but there is a custom cover that hides the crack. The speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge do not work so I’m not sure of the milage. Based on the cleanliness and condition of the under carriage of the car I think the milage is low (odometer reads 5K).
Extras include Haynes Repair Manual, owners manual, original bill of sale, new hub caps, and a Yugoslav-era license plate from Titograd (now Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro).”

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