Restoration Wednesday

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After cleaning up the grounds and getting spark back, I tackled the fuel system.  First order of business was to pull the gas tank.  The tank will be getting “renewed” which is a patented process to coat the inside and out after a thorough sand blasting inside and out.  I’ve had this done to my ’66 912 tank and was very pleased with the results.  At around $350 bucks it beats the cost of a new tank as long as you are happy with the non-stock appearance.

On tank tear down, the fuel sender was pulled.  There’s a small nut on the bottom of the sender.  Once off the entire mechanism pulls out.  Barnacles on a pylon is the best way to describe it.  After scraping, sanding and cleaning all varnished fuel off plus soldiering one of the wires back on that broke, it was an easy reassembly.  Savings: $90 for a new sender.  Additionally, the aftermarket fuel pump was pulled in favor of an off the shelf replacement and the lines from carburetors on back were blown out.  Of course all new fuel line will be installed once the tank is back.

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