1979 Honda Goldwing GL1000

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June 28, 2011 – Sold for $5,125.

Original Post: I never would have thought to turn a Goldwing into a cafe style bike but it takes all kinds, don’t it?  Funny that I was attracted to this one independently of this bike that featured I earlier (another picture below).  Both were done by the same guy. But most interesting is that the owner gives tons of details (his full write up below) including the fact that the motor was developed in conjunction with Porsche and is basically a Porsche flat four.  Crap, now I want one of these too.

On eBay with a reserve out of Sedona, Arizona.

“Hello you’re looking at my 1979 Honda GL 1000 Goldwing Custom Café Racer. The only reason I’m selling this bike is because I have several bikes and a few more I want to build or finish. Just to curve any offers of trade I’m selling for cash only, I already have too many cars, bikes and projects. This bike is really one of a kind and I can’t ride it anywhere without someone asking what is it? If you want to stay inconspicuous and not answer questions this bike isn’t for you. This is truly a classic Café Racer, and more fun than many custom bikes I’ve owed that cost many more thousands. If you aren’t familiar with the early Honda Goldwing this is the last year of the first generation of Goldwing: 1975-1979. They are notorious for there rock solid dependability, with proper maintence they will go well over 200,000 miles. I’ve owned this bike since1994 and have customized it over the years. The list of modifications is long and I’ll probably forget some things but here it goes.

I’ll start up front:
¨      The headlight is a eight inch Bosch unite from an early BMW
¨      Front fender is a bobbed stock one that has been powder coated satin black
¨      All the satin black parts are powder coated
¨      Front brake lines are Russell braided steel
¨      Front calipers and master brake cylinder have been rebuilt with genuine Honda parts
¨      Turn signals are custom after market
¨      Bar end mirrors are BMW
¨      All gauges are stock and work perfectly
¨      Seat is a Corbin solo
¨      Tail section is custom made and tail light is a Lucas unit
¨      Rear shocks are after market about three years old
¨      Rear brake caliper and master cylinder has been rebuilt with genuine Honda parts

     Lets talk about the motor it’s really the center piece of this bike, no other bike has a motor quite like the early GL 1000, water cooled, flat four, dual over-head cam, four carb motor. The motor was a collaboration between Porsche and Honda. It is basically a water cooled 1000 cc Porsche motor. It has a power band that pulls very hard when it hits the sweet spot and a sound that is like no other machine. (Now I’m having second thoughts about selling this bike). The exhaust is custom made, separate upsweep megaphones on each side. The exhaust note is louder than stock of course, but not offensive to the neighbors as long as you don’t twist the throttle all the way open before you get out of the driveway. The bottom end of the motor is completely stock, new water pump and timing belts a few years back. I replaced the points with a solid state Dana unit many years ago and it’s run flawlessly ever since. The carburetors are from a GL1100 that have been completely reconditioned, this swap wasn’t cheap but it makes for a much easier-to-maintain motor. 1100 carbs don’t have the issues that the stock ones did if the bike sits for long periods of time; they also add a little more performance.

     The paint is metallic silver base with clear coat I shot on the bike about three years ago. The logo is a hand painted one off I came up with, I wanted something that looked vintage to go along with the Café Racer look. The kanji symbols on the side covers are Speed, Passion, and Motorcycle. I’ve polished most of the aluminum parts, repainted or reconditioned the rest. While the bike has a few tiny little flaws its over all condition is very clean, I’m very picky, but most people consider it like-new. If there is anything on the bike you want to see in more detail I would be happy to take more pictures. This Motorcycle is really a great example of a heavy weight Café style bike. You can hang with any bike crowd you want and have respect. This bike isn’t pretending to be anything; it is its own category. I’ve enjoyed owning, customizing and riding this bike immensely, and I’m still not sure how long I’ll be able to offer it for sale. If you’re truly a bike enthusiast this bike won’t disappoint, just put a lawn chair in your garage and take in the view when the weather is bad, or ride it and forget about everything else. I’ve been riding for over 40 years and I can’t think of any other bike that runs like this one, it’s really a kick in the back side and I know I’ll miss it. So call me before I come to my senses. I’ll be happy to answer any questions, and please no low ball offers it’s not going to happen. (Yes, I have far more into it then I’ll get back, but I didn’t build it to make money I built it because I love bikes). I’ve priced it for the least I’ll take, the price is firm, and I believe very fair for its condition.

    I’ve had several inquiries about modifying the bike. If you are looking for a stock Goldwing for cruising there are plenty around in good condition for sale, and it would be much easier to buy one of them than to put this one back in stock condition. However if you are looking for a serious Café bike that’s had some performance modifications, Engine (opened up to be more of a top end motor), Suspension (lower and a little more stiff than stock), Seating position (solo seat and shorter lower bars makes for a more laid over position)etc, this could be the bike for you. This is what I would consider an enthusiasts bike, possibly not good for a novice rider. It’s vintage, it has plenty of power, good brakes, and old style chassis. If your not failure with older standard type bikes, they can go fast trough the canyons but you must understand they are not like modern sport bikes. This bike should go to an experienced rider, and probably someone over 5’8’ tall. I know any one can do whatever they want after they buy it, but just to slow down the emails I won’t be changing anything on the bike, and will only answer serious buyers’ inquiries.” 

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