1974 Porsche 2.0

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So reader Roy forwarded the above auction listing.  If you can read the caption, the 914 closed at $10,000.  I wrote him back saying that’s about a $15,000 dollar car, what a bargain.

It’s now being flipped on eBay by Blackhorse Motorworks in Kentucky with bidding at $15,199 about 30 minutes from close, reserve not met.  Good for them.  However, I was slightly annoyed by the dealer Doug when someone asked the following:

“Q: Can you show me under the battery? May have to remove the control box mounted on the battery tray to get a good view of the hell hole. How about taking the rocker covers off and let’s have a look at the jack post points? Maybe take off the threshold covers too. Seems like the Concours guy would have mentioned those. Beautiful car so far tho.”

A: Hi, Sorry but I am not taking anything off the car.  

Really?  The dealer goes on to explain why and does offer 86 very detailed photos.  But, really? 

“..Dan did mention the battery tray and hell hole as you call it – all of which is fine. The engine compartment could stand to be detailed. You can see the battery tray in one of the pictures. You also can see a jack point in one of the undercarriage pictures. I will provide Dans number if you are the winning bidder and he can thoroughly tell you about the car. He has restored umpteen 914’s and knows them inside and out. That is why I went to him to have my Porsche checked out. He was the one that told me to fold back the carpet behind the seats and photograph that area as it is virgin. He said that is a very bad area if rusted. Hope this helps with any bidding decision. Thanks, Doug

Dan apparently doesn’t have a last name but “is a highly regarded Porsche tech that has vast experience with 914’s as well as Dan is a Concours judge.

I don’t think this guy Doug is hiding anything.  But why not simply, not hide anything.

UPDATE: It didn’t sellI guess they are holding out for more than $3K+ in profit.  I’m basing the $3K on the $10,800 paid with commission plus transport back to their shop and misc. expenses.   

UPDATE November 7, 2012: On eBay again.

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