1973 BMW 2002 – Beautiful Agave Green Roundie

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Didn’t bother to read it, so you can if you’re interested.  I just liked the pretty pictures of an honest looking 2002 underneath the mossy trees.  

$5,000 to start unreserved or $7,000 Buy it Now in Florida.

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  1. George

    hey! My father actually bought this car! A year ago we got this car so that we could restore it. we’ve finished rebuilding everything (aside from the transmission) and are planning on starting reassembly as soon as the body get back from being painted. I thought it was really cool to find pictures of our car from back when it wasn’t in too good shape. Really cool to see this!

  2. Groosh

    In looking at the pictures again, I really did like this one. Congrats on the purchase! Would love to see pictures of it now and do a follow up post. Cheers, Paul

  3. George

    right now its just in piles on the bolts but the body has just been finished being repaired and is currently being painted. If you send an email to my personal email i could send you some pics.

  4. David

    I’ looking for this exact car. If you’re planning on selling at any point or after it’s restored, please contact me. In the meantime, have fun!


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