Restoration Wednesday

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It’s been a fairly lackluster week since we last left the rusted gas tank bracket on the driveway.  It got cold (high of 34 degrees yesterday) and I got busy with other things.  But I got another bracket, had it powder coated and put everything back together with new fuel filter and line.

In pulling things apart I took note of one item in particular.  Fuel line stamped with a manufacture date “86” and the 928 part number.  Yes old. But then old didn’t surprise me after yanking down a pile of dirt and rust.  Ever look for evidence of why the Germans were in production trouble in the 90’s?  Stamping fuel line for a specific model so it’s not interchangeable around the factory seems a touch inefficient, no?

I can hear the Porsche management argue with workers now:

Diese Autos sind Supersportwagen!  We need to have all parts unique to each supercar!” upper management guy.

Sie sind verrückt?  Are you insane? The base 928 S4 at $59,800 already stickers for about $20K more than it’s stable mates, the 911 Carrera and Porsche 944 Turbo.  How about trying to trim some fat?” reasonable cost watching employee.

“Nein! Nein! Nein!   People will pay for these cars for they are Porsches!  And they expect this level of quality details!”  Soon to be removed upper management.

Was auch immer (whatever).”  guy that still has job.

My problem despite old parts, was the new fuel filter and line didn’t solve my engine stalling problem after acceleration.  Plus I didn’t have new crush washers so the hard line off the pump started dripping.  On the plus side the gas was drained, things were replaced and with new crush washers that area of the car will not need attention for a lange, long time.

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