1969 Saab Model 95 Estate Wagon

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October 2, 2011 – This sold for $3,500.

September 26, 2011 – I find the old Saabs Chris-Craft-stylish from the b-pillar back.  Since power isn’t their strong suit, it would be great to do a modern drive train swap ala Jay Leno who axed the bottom half of the Tornado for a Corvette, front-wheel to rear-wheel-drive with a 1076hp twin turbo V8.  I realize this winces faces of those committed gear heads… which I am one of.  But I also tire of no giddy up when I want to pass you up.

On eBay in Washington with a reserve, starting bid at $200.

“This Saab has been my daily driver for the past 3 years.
  • It averages 32 mpg.
  • The car is very original. 
  • It has the original paint. The only rust is surface rust around the body panel seams. There are no holes or rusted through spots.
  • The only body damage is to the right front fender. It has a 6″ long tear. I’ve seen this on other Saab’s of this vintage, caused by vibration. It goes from the bottom edge up for about 6″.
  • The headlights are Cibie h4’s and the fog lights are Hella’s 
  • The interior is all original except for the front seats which have been restuffed and reupholstered. They are almost a perfect match in color and texture to the original rear seats.
  • The headliner is in very good condition with one small 1 inch tear.
  • The dash is in near perfect condition. There are no cracks in the dash pad. Very unusual for an older Saab.
  • The interior lights work via the switch on the light or when the rear hatch is open. They do not come on automatically when the front doors are open. Everything on the dash works except the dimmer switch for the interior lights. Even the clock works. 
  • The engine is a 1500cc. It runs strong and burns no oil. 
  • It has a Jack Lawrence exhaust header and tail pipe.  
  • The transmission shifts smoothly and the freewheel works as it should.
  • It has a 2 barrel weber carb and an electric fuel pump. It has steel timimg gears.
  • The brakes have less than 5000 miles on them.
  • The rear wheel cylinders are new.
  • The parking brake works and will hold the car on a hill.
This has been a very dependable car for me. If you have questions or would like more pictures please let me know.”

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