1985 Aston Martin Series II

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“Second owner. Car originally purchased by Haitian embassy.When built it was the most expensive car in the world. Car number 385 of 615 produced. Has worlds first talking computer. Cathode ray tube dash board.  Well maintained with all records. Can be used as daily driver. Interior all red leather everywhere in near perfect condition. 4 panels of black lacquer cracked needing refinish. New sound system in dash. Rack stereo system in rear. Bar in central rear console with crystal glasses. All original drives great very fast. New exterior paint.” 
While you’re waiting months, check that years, for your version of Don Osborne to make you replacement parts for the engine originally built from machine shop scrap, you can listen to your killer stereo. That is, if it’s getting power.
On eBay for a Buy it Now of $39,000 in Delray Beach, Florida.


  • Series 1 Aston Martin was a Lagonda V8 Saloon, a 4-door version of the V8, debuted in 1974; seven units were produced.
  • Series 2 cars, produced from 1979 to 1985, were fitted with digital LED dashboards and touch pad controls.
  • Series 3 cars, produced 1986 to 1987, featured fuel injected engines, had either the CRT or Vacuum Florescent dashes.
  • Series 4 cars received an exterior facelift, the car’s sharp edges rounded off and pop-up headlights eliminated. These models, produced from late 1987 to 1990, had Vacuum Florescent dash only.”  

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