1970 Honda Trail CT70 (Ann Arbor)

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Working from home has its advantages.  I can go look at things immediately while everyone else tries to figure if they can miss dinner after work.  The below was an H model manual 4-speed.  A good addition or swap for an automatic I already have.  Looks pretty decent in the pictures but the guy couldn’t get it running.  No problem for an ol’ hack like me.  Right?  
Always look before you get too excited.  Chrome was shot on everything and the bike had no compression despite only 2,021 miles.  After the first kick, I wondered how many strokes I could get with each subsequently harder kick.  It was like a throwing a pool ball across the table and listening to it bounce back and forth. Wugg, gug, gug, gug.  Aaaaahhhh wuuuggg, gug, gug, gug, gug.
The guy wasn’t even home despite saying he would be back by 1 o’clock.  His mom or grandma, couldn’t tell, whistled through her dentures that he was looking at a GTO Judge.  The brothers Tom and Jerry, not kidding, had their own version of American Pickers going on.  Pretty cool actually.  They had a collection of skateboards that apparently belonged to famous skaters.  Probably at least 30 hanging in the rafters.  Signs everywhere, a VW bus, Honda Intercepter… good collection. 
On Craigslist Ann Arbor for $700.

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