1967 Triumph Spitfire 4 MKII

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“1967 Triumph spitfire 4 mkII with removable hard top and roll bar. This car won’t sit in your garage for years “waiting” to be restored…because it is already restored! And not 10 years ago!! This car has a 300  hour frame off restoration…just finished this last month! I restore brittish cars for a living and have been completely been through this car and replaced, repaired, overhauled anything that wasn’t in great shape. 4 speed with overdrive, weber delordo carb with intake, and header. Fresh paint and new interior. Runs and drives like a champ!! The best part…NO trunk filled with “extra” parts….because you won’t need them!! This car is ready to go!!!!!”

I thought it said no filler in the trunk.  As if he didn’t use body filler.  Shows where my head is since the price is cheap I figure corners were cut.  But no junk in the trunk is a good thing, unless you like big booty.  I’m not here to judge.

I like the wheels and hardtop, not the red.  Nice looking lines on the car but tell me again… how does someone do frame off restorations “for a living” with new interior and profit at the Buy it Now of $7,500?  Good primer, paint and clear coat alone can run $1,500 plus.  Ah, maybe we have a lead into this mystery.  


  1. Will

    At the risk of becoming your “yes man”, I’d have to agree on all points. Any color other than red would be an improvement. Maybe I’m jaded to the realities of Italian and German car restoration costs, but $7500 wouldn’t get me outta bed, let alone yank the body off a Spitfire. Maybe the guy is just into saving cars and doesn’t consider what his time is worth. Altruistic car restoration.

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