1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 with origianl 2F

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UPDATE May 20, 2013 – This has been relisted with a $7,000 reserved start at BIN of $8,000.  The pictures are better and the Washington State plate has been removed.  Origianl is still spelled wrong.

Original Post May15, 2013:  
“I am selling a Original Classic 1975 Toyota fj40 that is in great running condition that has not been cut up.  It does have some usual rust, but not bad at all for the year.  The rear jump seats have just been redone and look great.  The front seats are fair and have seats covers on them.  It has the original 2F engine that runs great and 4×4 works great  I will be giving her a tune up that will include new air filter, new fuel filter, new oil filter with oil change, new spark plugs and i will be giving the engine a clean up. i will probably put new battery as well.  This FJ has original color and the body is in pretty good shape for a 38 year old truck.  As you can see, there are some spots of red.  The previous owner put rust preventer on some of the surface rust.  I would probably eventually replace the sil, that is the two foot piece of steel below ambulance doors.  There is a blinker problem, I believe it is a simple wire issue. I think that If someone has the time, and they can give this FJ a little love, this truck would not be very far from being a 20k Landcruiser. i enjoy buying old fjs and restoring them to original conditon. If you plan to chop this landcruiser up, please do not bid.” 

Right now I just wish I were on the plains of Texas enjoying that view.

On eBay for $8,900 Buy it Now.

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  1. Will

    What’s an “origianl” 2F? Kinda like phonetic spelling. Maybe it has an “origami” 2F? Maybe the proof-reader is on furlough? 🙂

    • Paul "Groosh" Grusche

      Maybe the guy who wrote this doesn’t know how the F to spell. Could be he’s f-ing tired from long sleepless nights dreaming about cars. Or maybe, just maybe he cut and pasted the title from eBay wihtout taking the tmie to proofraed it proprely. Who’s got a paid furlough for the proofreader??

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