Restoration Wednesday

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The front end is back together.  You may remember I wrote about restoring the headlights but I did the same to the Cibié driving lights on the hood.  They were completely torn down, powder coated, polished, rewired and built back up.  I pulled the red fiberglass bumper from another car and put that on it. Yes, it’s cracked.

Since the car is running headers, well it’s not running yet, but it has headers, Cibié lights, Webers and is far from perfect (it has rust and crust, repaint and chips) I found the outlaw look fitting to the car.  I have no interest in restoring it to perfect.  I want a driver that I don’t have to worry about parking on the street or rallying down dirt roads.  Eventually I’ll add period sport Recaros from my basement.  

Some other things done while “in there:”

• All drip rails, chips and under the bumper have been POR15’d silver
• The areas hidden by bumper were then under coated
• New rubber molding added between bumper and car
• Bumper set in place with new drilled holes and matching screws
• Turn signal lens polished with Mother’s plastic polish, bulb contacts cleaned
• Driver turn signal mount fixed
• Horn grilles polished, four matching screws added
• Mount new headlights after POR15-ing some spots
• Beer pulled from fridge
• New heavy duty hood shocks that hold Cibié lights
• Gas tank installed with new foam surround
• Sat on five gallon bucket admiring work
• Mounted new fuel pump
• Placed rebuilt sending unit with new gasket in tank
• Got another beer
• Placed newly cad plated hardware for fuel lines in bottom of tank including new fuel screen
• Aligned stuff
• Sat much longer on five gallon bucket 

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    • Paul "Groosh" Grusche

      Could be a fifteen footer but with each beer you are free to move one step closer.

      Shot and a beer, two steps.

      Three martinis, just go ahead an hold yourself up with the car. You probably won’t know or care what it looks like since everything will be beautiful. Unless you’re one of those angry drunks, then I’ll need you looking at someone else’s car.

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