1966 Vintage MG Road Race Car no drive train – $2200 (monroe mi)

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Not sure if the big rubber band is holding the fenders on but I like the powder blue, racing crust. Think the owner was hip to the number he painted on it?

Find it for sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.

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  1. Paul

    The body is a late 72, 73 or early 74
    Check out the rounded rear wheel arches, not the flares, these are the only years they were made before switching to plastic bumpers, 1500cc etc.
    Rear deck also checks out on these years and the rear seat belt mounding bosses
    The ‘bought other one’ line is a give-away and could be the 66 car with the 70’s ID?? as this is the 70’s car with the 66 ID
    Just a guess from years of dealing with these cars

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