1988 VW Vanagon Wolfsburg Edition – $3900 (Westland)

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Anything with 128,000 miles and almost 30 years old is bound to have needs. But the owner says never driven in the winter which means a clean underside for your backside when you do need to make repairs. The Wolfsburg Edition is always desirable with the VW crowd. Here’s the skinny on that package:

Hard-top Wolfsburg Edition Vanagon: There were Wolfsburg models offered in the many years of the Vanagon hard-top. The ’87-’89 Wolfsburg edition hard-top Vanagon has a flip-up table and two quick-release, rear facing seats behind the front seats (in lieu of the forward facing bench seat commonly found in non-Wolfsburg Vanagon hard-tops). All Wolfsburg edition hard-top Vanagons from ’87-’89 have a full curtain set that snaps in place (no tracks). Also, all of these models have the rear seat that folds into a bed and the accompanying rear cushion. The non-Wolfsburg edition Vanagon hard-top did not necessarily come with a folding rear seat, although most did. In 1990 and 1991, the Wolfsburg edition was replaced by the Carat, which has the same table, jump seat, and bed layout. The Carat models came with all of the creature comfort options—A/C, power door locks, power windows, cruise control—whereas the option levels of the various years of Wolfsburg edition hard-tops varied. All models were available in either 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transaxle.


Find it for sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.



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