Restoration Wednesday, 914 Gas Tank Installed

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On Saturday I spent about three hours getting the “Renu’d” gas tank in the car. As with any project, it had a lot of “while you’re in there” sidebars. First, I gave the bare metal and some paint a key by using a scouring pad on it, then quick coat of primer followed by a quick coat of orange. I couldn’t in good conscience leave this undone even though the car will probably never see rain in my ownership. This was more preventative than anything. Second was getting the tank back together with powder coated fuel catch and cad plated hardware. The two tubes off the bottom of the tank for fuel line hook up were also cad plated and a new fuel screen was installed. Finally was jamming it all in there after resetting the felt pads to protect the tank from rubbing and vibrating itself a leak. It’s a fairly tight fit but nothing a good pounding couldn’t handle. Next up is prepping the engine bay and getting a motor up in it.

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