1953 SIATA Daina Gran Sport

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This morning I ran across this beautiful Pininfarina designed barchetta in Hemmings.  It was listed at $13,500.  Holy misprint Batman.  I went to the specifically built website Siata4Sale.com and saw the swapped decimal for a more “reasonable” $135,000.  Some nice pictures, detail and history listed but the owner Dennis missed putting the actual year of the car in his description.  I picked that up from Hemmings.  It’s a 1953. 

“You will thoroughly enjoy this Italian, Pininfarina designed, hand built masterpiece.  This classic SIATA is priced at a fraction of other contemporary hand crafted performance automobiles.

Historically Significant

SIATA has a long history.  It began in 1926 by Giorgio Ambrosini.  His company was called Societa Italiana Auto Transformazioni.  SIATA began manufacturing tuning accessories for Fiat automobiles.

The first SIATA car, the Amica was produced in 1939. During the war they produced military equipment, after a very sucessful auxiliary bicycle motor and performance accessories. In 1949 SIATA released the new Amica followed by the Daina and competition cars. In 1951 the BC BARCHETTA sport spider, and in 1952 a two seat coupe, the DAINA sport, and the GRAN SPORT Barchetta were introduced.

SIATA cars ran in the Mille Miglia, sports car races in Europe and the United States .  For their size, they gave the larger cars fits on the track.  The SIATA handling is superb.  They are fast and nimble.

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