The Porsche Opps

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My sister-in-law called me Saturday morning to tell me about a Porsche 911 in a ditch, pond, puddle or something.  She was known to call me about cars for sale on the side of the road stating things like, well it looks like a Porsche of some kind, I think a 911.  Or there’s a Mercedes-Benz for sale near my house.  “Is it a sedan or coupe?”  I’d asked.  I’m not really sure.  It’s maroon.  

She’s not a car girl but that’s ok because she knows I’m a car guy.  And I love to see any car for sale or otherwise in my European wheel house.  This time she was confident it was a 911, her husband was with her, and on the back roads of Dexter, Michigan it was a site worth reporting.  Since it was in a “ditch” it was positively enticing.  Was it a 997, 991, old, new?  996?  I’d expect it from one of those owners. Did it roll off from lack of parking brake, get caught in a freak rain, was it a drunk driver from the night before?  I had to check it out.  

It looked like the driver swerved off the road to avoid something, maybe a deer, and ended up puddle diving.  It looked like an honest mistake.  I would have been more disappointed to see the wreckage but this particular car had some strikes against it for my tastes.  It was a 911SC with a 964 wing.  The wheels were also later model add ons and finally it was a convertible.  Had it been a stock coupe, I might have fetched a straw and started sucking.  The cops had already tagged the car and it was gone by early afternoon. 

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