1959 Berkeley SE Model Unknown

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“BERKELEY   SE model unknown  , Rolling  Chassis , no engine   no vin # , looks like it may have been a former race car ,  bonnet  and doors are not mounted , no windscreen  . Has Top pole  frame and 2 side window  frames .   looks like all the hubs , steering and axles are all there .  This car  would be a great candidate for a complete restoration and or engine conversion . Sold as is  on bill of sale only  . No title  . Georgia  does not issue titles on vehicles this old .”

I’m guessing it puked out the engine after driving up to a mirror.

On eBay with a reserve.  After some hunting on Wikipedia and Google, I couldn’t find another Berkeley with the same fish face.  But I did find pause after reading the following on Wiki:

QB95 and QB105
In October 1959 the Q range was announced, with longer and wider bodies the same dimensions as the Foursome. The wheelbase went up from 70 inches (1,800 mm) to 78 inches (2,000 mm) and the track from 42 inches (1,100 mm) to 46 inches (1,200 mm). The Qs were four seaters (just), although the QB version dispensed with the rear seat to give extra luggage space. The only ‘official’ mention comes from the “Autocar” Motor Show edition of October 1959, when it appears that Berkeley’s stand featured a red soft-top QB95 and a blue QB105 with a black hard-top. From this single reference it is assumed that Berkeley built at least two models of this series, although no original cars are known to survive.”

See the blue paint under neath?  But the wheelbase doesn’t match up to a foursome.  It looks like a shorter Berkeley.


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