1947 Fiat four door !two car deal! – $3000 (jackson)

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“Up for sale is a 1947 Fiat. This is a two car deal, one car is complete with the motor and transmission and the other is for parts! The grey one is all factory and has a title… the other has Micky Thompson tires “sportsmen” 31-15.50/15 (not pictured)…”

Half the battle right there, a 1947 barn find with a title.  And then slap ’em thirty-ones on there and yee haw.  You got urself a real crowbait that will shine up just like a crowbait.   That’d be a poor quality horse or in this case turd.  Or, I guess you could just lose money restoring the original car. 

Find it here in of all places, Jackson MI.

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