Empty Garage, Cash in Hand, Dangerous Combination

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Well, I sold my Porsche 912 last Monday and I’ve decided that motorcycles are the way of my future.  Small, easy to work on and you can fit many into the garage spot where only one car will go.

My latest project is a 1973 Honda CB450 with 3,300 original miles.  Very cool dual overhead cam engine with torsion bar valve springs, not traditional spiral springs.  The very same set up that gives the rear suspension on Porsches their rebound.

I saw this on Friday and drove to Bay City, MI (2 hours away) to pick it up at 8AM.  Early bird got the worm.  He had two other guys coming that day.

Aside from the obvious mismatch on the paint (he didn’t know what was up there), it needs the typical carb clean out, gas tank freshening and overall polishing.  

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