1967 Fiat Dino Coupe

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“Up for sale is my 1967 Fiat Dino Coupe. The collector car world has been talking alot about these cars, with recent articles in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car and Sports Car Market. According to the Dino world wide registry, … Continued

1958 Fiat 1200 Granluce Sedan

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Barn find that was stored in an “open barn”.  Wouldn’t that mean it was stored outside?  I don’t want to get technical with you chief but no roof equals you ain’t inside anymore.  Know what I’m sayin’? He translated his … Continued

1954 Fiat 500 Topolino

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I love to see the home shop restoration job.  At least it looks that way from the pictures.  Now why can’t I gut my basement, add a walkout garage door and set up shop down there?  Oh that’s right, because … Continued

1967 Fiat Dino

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  UPDATE: Huh, I just looked at Hemmings a day later and the price is now listed at $15,750. Original Post: For $19,500 from Gullwing Motor Cars listed on Hemmings… We all know it’s a Ferrari V-6 right?  This is … Continued

1948 Fiat 500B Topolino Coupe

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“1948 Fiat 500B Topolino Coupe, rare, all original, clear CA title, 100% stock, unmolested condition, 99% complete, 51,905 miles on odometer. Has some surface rust, indoor storage for over 20 years, very restorable. Engine and transmission removed; engine is partially … Continued

1967 FIAT 850 COUPE

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UPDATE: On May 10, 2011 three days after my post, the seller pulled this car presumably for a private sale.  Bidding was up to $6,300.50 but the reserve was not met. Original Post:  Not stock with a bigger engine which … Continued